Live simple. Every day!

With your Dutch Cargo Bike you can drop the children of at kinder or school, continue on to work or do your shopping. Or go for a ride with your dog to the beach. There is no need for petrol, parking fees or finding a parking spot. At the same time you can do away with the guilt of lacking exercise in your life.

For many people bicycles are the ideal way to unwind while doing what needs to be done anyway. Routine day-to-day jobs turn into fun activities. Children are close safe in the solid marine-ply wooden box. Children love to sit in the front ! You can easily chat without having to turn your head (when the child is in the backseat), plus the children learn the movement and dynamics of traffic movement at an early age.

This wholesome transport is extremely useful for small business entrepreneurs. The options are limitless: vending, advertising, carrying bits and pieces to and from the local trash and treasure, carrying tools for handyman jobs or taking chairs and eskis to sporting events.

Our bicycles represent much more than excellent quality & design. They are a realistic alternative transport, representing a wholesome lifestyle. We all like to guarantee a healthy planet for our childrens future. Using a Dutch Cargo Bike allows you the opportunity to reduce your carbon foot print in a most enjoyable way.

Live simple. Jump on!